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Thats' Bulbasaur!!!!^_^This is PIKACHU!!!!!!^_^This Is SUICINE!!!^_^


n.: all Pokemon start a battle with 100% accuracy. Certain attacks may lower or increase this number. Accuracy determines how likely it is that a pokemon’s attack will hit the other pokemon


n.: all
Pokemon start a battle with 100% agility. Certain attacks may lower or increase this number. Agility determines how likely it is that a pokemon will be able to avoid an attack.


n.: 1) a skill a
Pokemon learns to use in battle. 2) a stat used to determine how much damage a physical attack (ie. one involving the use of claws or teeth or other physical appendages) will do when used by a pokemon


n.: a reward for defeating a Gym Leader. A trainer must have 8 of these, before he or she will be allowed to challenge the Elite Four


n.: a stat which determines how resistant a pokemon is to a physical attack


n.: short for experience. In the video games, a pokemon will gain “experience points” every time it wins a battle. Once it gains enough experience points it gain a level

Gym Leader

n.: The leader of a Pokemon Gym. If a trainer defeats the leader of a gym, the leader must give that trainer a badge proving that he won.


n. : abbreviation for Hidden Machine. Used in the video games to teach a pokemon an ability it normally wouldn’t be able to learn. Can be use indefinitely. The attack learned can also be used outside of battle.


n.: abbreviation for Hit Points. In the video game, a pokemon has a certain amount of hitpoints that increase as the pokemon gains experience. If a pokemon is attacked it will lose hitpoints. If a pokemon loses all its hitpoints it will faint.


n. : levels determine how much power a pokemon has. When a pokemon gains a level, its stats will increase and (depending on which level it has reached and which species of pokemon it is) it may have the opportunity to evolve. The highest level a pokemon may reach is 100.


(PO-kay-ball) n.: a spherical device used to capture pokemon. often colored red on top and white on the bottom. In ancient times, pokeballs were made from the hollowed out shells of the nut-like apricorn fruit.


(PO-kay-dex) n.: short for “Pokemon Index.” An electronic device used to record information about pokemon, such as: type, weight, height/length, footprints, behavioral patterns, range, habitat, evolution, etc. Some pokedexes also have artificial intelligence. (ie. Dexter from the Pokemon cartoon series.)


(PO-kay-gear) n. : an enhanced version of the original pokedex, the pokegear also includes a cellular phone, a radio, a clock, and an electronic map.


(PO-kay-mart) n. : a shop that sells supplies to pokemon trainers


(PO-kay-mon, po-KAY-mon) n.: short for “Pocket Monster.” any of over 251 species of highly intelligent creatures inhabiting the countries of Johto and Kanto, captured and trained for use in battles and kept as pets and companions.

Pokemon Center

n. : a hospital for pokemon. Also serves as a free shelter for traveling pokemon trainers.

Pokemon Gym

n.: a place where pokemon trainers can go to train their pokemon and to battle other pokemon trainers.

Pokemon League

n. : organization that determines and enforces the rules of pokemon battling and who sponsors the Pokemon League Championship.

Pokemon Master

n. : a pokemon trainer who has captured at least one of all the different species of pokemon and/or who has mastered the art of pokemon battling.

Pokemon Trainer

n. : any person over the age of 10 who captures and trains pokemon for duels.


(PO-kay-rus) n. : short for “pokemon virus”. It is harmless.

Special Attack

n. : 1) a stat used to determine how much damage a special attack (ie. one involving special abilities such as fire or water) will do when used by a pokemon. 2) an attack using the pokemon’s special abilities

Special Defense

n. : a stat which determines how resistant a pokemon is to a special attack.


n. : used in the video games to determine which pokemon will attack first in a battle.


n. : short for statistics. Refers to a pokemon’s HP, speed, attack, defense, special attack, special defense, accuracy, and agility


n.: not to be confused with “stats,” a pokemon’s status tells whether the pokemon is poisoned, asleep, confused, paralyzed, infatuated, or fainted (knocked-out.)

Team Rocket

n. : the villains of the pokemon games and cartoon series; a team of pokemon thieves headed by the infamous Giovanni. The most famous members of Team Rocket are the bumbling threesome, Jesse, James, and Meowth.


n. : abbreviation for Technical Machine. Used in the video games to teach a pokemon an ability it normally wouldn’t be able to learn. Can only be used once.


n.: Pokemon are divided into 17 different types based on their abilities and attributes. The types are as follows: Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, and Steel.