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Ruby/Sapphire: Berries and PokeBlocks!


For those that have been up to date reading the news here at Pokemon Elite 2000, you probably heard something about PokeBlocks. Of course, learning from Japanese version of Ruby/Sapphire, we have learned many things before the game is even released here. But now comes the official word on it all. Here in this new article I will sum up what exactly are berries and PokeBlocks.


Most players by now should now what berries are. They can restore HP and heal other various statuses. This time around, you might not want to be too eager on using these berries. In a new feature in Ruby/Sapphire, you値l be able to plant your berries to make berry trees. Though, it can only be planted on fertile soil, not just anywhere. As a hint, use the Wailmer Pail from the Flower Shop to make your trees grow faster. Also, you may want to plant the really rare berries. In certain parts of the game, you値l be given rare berries as gifts. You may want to keep those intact, and plant those, so you値l have a good supply of them.


Now on to the other kind of berry, a new kind introduced in this new version, PokeBlocks. These PokeBlocks are like berries, but used in a different kind of way. You mix them in a machine to feed to your Pokemon. Use them to increase your Pokemon痴 cuteness, beauty, toughness, coolness, and smartness. What are these features for? They池e for another new feature in the game, Pokemon contests. These contests judges your Pokemon in the five factors that were listed. If you win the contest, you値l get special ribbons that will increase your Pokemon skills or upgrade its abilities. Of course, this is much trickier than just feeding your Pokemon the PokeBlocks and win the contest. There are different types of PokeBlocks, some Pokemon like specific kinds, and you値l have to figure out what works the best.