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Gary Oak

Japanese name : Shigeru Okido
Age : 10
Lives in : Pallet Town, Kanto

Gary is Ash's biggest rival. He has the same age and started his Pokémon journey on the same day as Ash's. Gary is very conceited and he thinks that Ash is a loser. Indeed he's better than Ash when he started his Pokémon jouney since he's Professor Oak's grandson. Gary dream is to become the best Pokémon Master there is.

Gary knows that he's strong but that makes him think he's invincible. That's maybe why he almost wins every match. One of his rare defeat is against Giovanni in the Veridian City Gym, but no one can beat Mewtwo! He has always one or two badges more than Ash.

Gary has a less exciting live than Ash. He needs a lot of time to change on the in comparison to Ash. He's less heady than Ash and takes it easy...
Since he thinks he's invincible, he goes on vacation while Ash continues to search for Pokémon Gyms. That's one of Gary's big mistakes and he underestimates Ash.

During the Indigo League he's defeated very early, on the contrary to Ash, who got into the quarter finals and ended 16th.

While Ash goes to the Orange Islands to, Gary trains near Pallet Town. After Ash comes back, just before he leaves Pallet to go to Johto, Gary fight Ash. Appearantly Gary is stronger than Ash, since he beat Pikachu with Eevee, but appearance can deceive you...

Gary's Pokémon are: Growlithe, Eevee, Nidoqueen