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Thats' Bulbasaur!!!!^_^This Is SUICINE!!!^_^This is PIKACHU!!!!!!^_^


Japanese name : Takeshi
Age : 15
Lives in : Pewter City, Kanto

Brock is Pewter City's Gym Leader and he's specialized in rock type Pokémon. Brock is the eldest of a great family. He has to take care of his little brothers and sisters, do the housekeeping etc. since his mother died and his father abandonned them. The first time he meets Ash is during Ash's first Pokémon Gym fight to earn his first badge. Ash lost. Next time Ash beats his Onix thanks to the automatic extinguishers in the Gym. Brock gives him the badge since although he didn't really earn it.
After Brock's dad comes back, he decides to accompany Ash on his journey. Brock prepares specially adapted meals for the Pokémon, since dreams to be the greatest Pokémon breeder.

He gives Ash advice and helps him to train his Pokémon just like Misty does.

Brock's weakness are pretty girls. Each time he sees a girl he likes, like officer Jenny or Nurse Joy, he becomes crazy. He promesses anything without sense that's also the reason why he and his friends get in trouble. But Brock can also recognize a disquised girl, like Duplica in "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion". Brock is mostly dumped by the girls he meets.
It's rather strange but he isn't attracted by Misty. Maybe because she's too young for him, maybe because of her inflexible character.

Brock prefers to take care of Pokémon instead of letting them fight together.

During the 2nd season Ash stays on Valencia Island with Professor Ivy to learn more about Pokémon. At the end of that season he returned to Pallet Town because he has a problem with Professor Ivy. Maybe she dumbed him. Who knows...

His Pokémon are: Onix, Geodude, Zubat and Vulpix

Thats' Bulbasaur!!!!^_^This Is SUICINE!!!^_^This is PIKACHU!!!!!!^_^